Coding and STEAM Clubs & Camps!

Please contact us for updated course programs!!!

Creative, educational coder classes and mini coder classes will be created. Week days and weekend classes are open for all age groups.

Your children will have fun, educational and quality time with Robotic and STEAM applications while learning to code, the digital language of the new world. Coding will make significant contributions to the transformation from passive tablet users to manufacturers and creative technological individuals. You can see the detailed syllabus below.

1.Group – Creative and Educational Coding Class

– Making simple animations and games and storyboards using block-based coding programs such as Scratch developed by MIT University

– Beginning coding concepts like loops, conditionals, sequences, and debugging.

– Robotics: Creating projects using approved and most preferred robotic platforms such as WeDo and EV3 developed by Lego controlling sensors and motors to overcome different challenges

– Block-based coding exercises

– Steam apps and games

2.Group -Mini Coders

– Animation using Scratch Jr. developed by MIT University

– Introduction to robotics; Using code to control robots designed specifically for this age range (Bee Bot, Blue Bot)

– Lego and Steam applications and games

– Block-based coding exercises

Note: STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

Course Fee & Course Term: Please contact us for updated course schedules and fees.

Course Locations: Please contact us for updated course locations.

For registration and bank details, please send an e-mail with your child’s age and name.