1. What exactly is Karli Coding about?

Karli Coding creates and delivers customized coding lessons developed to teach children basics and logic of coding and algorithm based on age and level suitability.

2. What is coding?

Coding or programming is writing a sequence of commands (set of instructions) for a PC or any electronic circuit to perform. Coding is the first step in software programming. It’s a language that enables a user to create software, apps, or web sites.

3. What’s the purpose of coding classes?

The aim of coding is to show children that computers and tablets are not just about playing games. Coding enables children to create their own games or write their own programmes thus partaking in their development as creative and productive individuals. Having familiarity on technology and coding (programming) provides an advantage in the workforce as we enter the digital era. Coding also supports developing problem solving skills and promotes creativity.

4. What are the benefits of coding?

According to experts, learning coding at a young age greatly improves a child’s computational and algorithmic thinking skills. Through coding, programmers create commands for computers to execute, add new features, functions and tasks to electronic devices. Coding is viewed as a language that will enable children to communicate with and command machines, artificial intelligence and big data that will surround them.

5. What age should coding classes begin?

Currently, in the UK, computing is part of the national curriculum from Key Stage 1 (age 5) to Key Stage 4 (age 16) – (Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-curriculum-in-england-computing-programmes-of-study). At Karli Coding we start our training programmes from age 4. We combine creative drama techniques and use toys and games specifically designed to teach coding for our 4-5 age group. This way, our younger students absorb the logic behind coding and algorithm without realizing that they are learning, it’s transferred to them through fun activities. Starting at age 7, we use tablets and PCs to teach coding and robotics.

6. Do we need to bring our own PCs and tablets?

We provide the required equipment for each of our courses. For those who wish to continue programming at home, it’s recommended to bring their own laptops or tablets.

7. Is it possible to teach coding to those who are not fully engaged in coding?

Although coding may seem complex and obscure, it is possible to become fluent in it and embedding it into everyday usage provided that the basic knowledge is delivered efficiently. Evidently, not every little coder will become a programmer, but our tailored classes provides the encouragement and the right environment to illustrate that coding is fun! Coding, the language of the future, incorporates various techniques and applications, at Karli Coding we identify the suitable aspects and prepare a tailored program based on each child’s level and interest.

8. Is it possible to organize group classes?

Group classes are arranged based on a date and location provided by the families, it’s important that the group level of coding is compatible among the participants. The 4-6 age group, where we use games and toys in delivering coding basics is very suitable for groups and parties.

9. Where do the courses take place?

Private as well as group courses are based on student’s homes or any preferred location. For the location of our periodic activities, please visit our “Announcments” page.