Turkish and Coding

Turkish as second language training through immersion method.

Karli Coding offers the option to teach coding in conjunction to Turkish language through “language immersion” technique.  The “immersion” technique in language training (language in this case includes sciences as well such as mathematics, science, coding, etc.) is the usage of the target language (Turkish in this case) throughout the training session.  In case of coding classes that are taught in Turkish, this technique enables students to practice Turkish seamlessly and in a systematic manner while they also learn to code. The students therefore would be taking advantage of developing two skills in one session to prepare for their future, as Turkish language is one of the optional topics for GCSE and A levels qualification.  The content of the training and of the programs are to be in the universal language of English, however the delivery language would be conversational Turkish, which will support practicing Turkish be it for cultural aspirations or for further qualification such as for GCSEs.

Turkish Language Courses

Karli Coding offers Turkish language lessons at any level to any age group as a standalone course offering.

Pricing: Private tutoring is £25 per hour.  We offer various packages as well as sibling and group discounts. Please get in touch with us for further details.